If you want a break from lounging in the sun or exploring the streets of Zadar’s Old Town, immerse yourself in nature. Kožino is in close proximity to three national parks: Plitviće lakes (16 terraced lakes connected by waterfalls), Krka (7 waterfalls and lakes) and Kornati islands (an archipelago of 140 mostly uninhabited islands). Two nature parks are also close by: Paklenica canyon (famous for rock-climbing) and Vrana lake (Ornithological reserve). These national parks are a haven for nature lovers as they are teeming with wildlife, birdlife, natural springs, and home to many endemic species. They offer a plethora of activities to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, from easy walking trails and bird watching, boat excursions, hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, cycling, to kayaking. Our sister company Success Tours can organise trips and excursions to these national parks, nearby islands and other historical sites.

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